Hyperstar Iranmall

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Eram Hypermarket

Hyperstar, Bakeri Expy. (South), Tehran
09 AM to 12 PM
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Saba Hypermarket

Saba Shopping Mall, South Kargar St., Tehran
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
021-65829096 See More

Kourosh Hyperstar Market

Kourosh Mall, Sattari Expy (North)., Tehran
Sat till Wed 10AM to 11:30PM, Thu & Fri 10AM to 12PM
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Lavasan Hyperstar Market

Sky Center, Imam Khomeini Blv., Lavasan
Sat till Tue & Fri 9:30AM to 11PM, Wed & Thu 9:30AM to 12PM
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Moein Hyperstar Market (Moein Mall)

Moein Mall, Ostad Moein St., Azadi St., Tehran
09 AM to 11 PM
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Pasdaran Hyperstar Market

Park Center, No. 7, 7th Narenjestan St., Farmanieh Junction, Tehran
Sat till Tue & Fri 9AM to 11PM, Wed & Thu 9AM to12PM
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Robat Karim Hyperstar Market (Sara)

Sara Complex, Before Alghadir Sq., Imam Khomeini Blv., Robaat Karim
Sat till Tue & Fri 9AM to 11PM, Wed & Thu 9AM to12PM
021-56887068 See More

Didar Hyperstar Market

Didar Shapping Mall, Aabedi St., Behroud Sq., Saadat Abad, Tehran
Sat till Tue & Fri 9AM to 11PM, Wed & Thu 9AM to12PM
021-22145261 See More

Jamaran Hyperstar Market

Jam Center, Jamaran St., Beside of Ghasr e Aghigh Hall, Tehran
Sat till Tue & Fri 9AM to 11PM, Wed & Thu 9AM to12PM
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Tirazheh Hyperstar Market

Tirazheh 2 Shopping Center, South Madani St. - Emam Ali Hwy., Tehran
9AM to 11PM
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Hyperstar Iran

Hyperstar is one of the most modern hypermarkets in Iran which was founded in 2009 and launched its first store in Bakeri highway. It has now 12 stores in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Karaj, and Yazd among which 6 Hypermarkets and 8 Supermarkets.

We deliver unbeatable customer choice, quality, value and customer service through our supermarkets and hypermarkets across Iran With the lowest prices in Iran which are actually built Hyperstar values. Thousands of products which provide a good variety for customer choice besides high quality and best prices are main Hyperstar‘s values for presenting customers.

Hyperstar is the only hypermarket in Iran provides the lowest price guarantee on FMCG items for customers. With this policy, if customers find identical products at a lower price than Hyperstar in other stores can receive ten times of the price gap.

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