Hypserstar takes care of you

Hypserstar takes care of you

Since the first day of the outbreak of the corona virus, Hyperstar, as one of the largest suppliers of daily needs of the community, has been conscious of the task of not being disturbed by the creation of a secure environment, the sales cycle and the provision of basic materials needed by the people. All هایپراستار branches across the country are struggling to meet customer needs, observing all protocols and international standards. Maintain personal hygiene is an important step toward preserving public health, and all members stress on the protection of consumers ' health

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Hyperstar Iran

Hyperstar is one of the most modern hypermarkets in Iran which was founded in 2009 and launched its first store in Bakeri highway. It has now 12 stores in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Karaj, and Yazd among which 6 Hypermarkets and 8 Supermarkets.

We deliver unbeatable customer choice, quality, value and customer service through our supermarkets and hypermarkets across Iran With the lowest prices in Iran which are actually built Hyperstar values. Thousands of products which provide a good variety for customer choice besides high quality and best prices are main Hyperstar‘s values for presenting customers.

Hyperstar is the only hypermarket in Iran provides the lowest price guarantee on FMCG items for customers. With this policy, if customers find identical products at a lower price than Hyperstar in other stores can receive ten times of the price gap.

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